Adolé is a licensed North Carolina Broker/ Realtor who has a high level of commitment to education. Graduating from Florida Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology and a Masters in Science Education, Adolé is passionate about being well informed so she can assist others effectively. She has worked as a public-school educator, sales consultant, and also volunteers as a Sunday school teacher. Her real estate experience began in 2015, when she and her husband started a residential redevelopment investment company.

Born and raised in Togo (West Africa), Adole loves to travel, meet new friends, and try diverse foods. She’s engaging, friendly, and treats everyone with respect and appreciation. Fluent in 3 languages (English, French, and Mina- a Togolese dialect), Adolé acts as an advocate for her clients and takes the trust they place in her very seriously. She is customer driven and endeavors to assist in any way.

In her spare time, you will find Adolé spending time with her family, in the kitchen, walking around her neighborhood greeting neighbors and their pets, or engrossed in a book.