Alison Denale

Alison Denale


Alison is a licensed real estate agent inVirginia and North Carolina. As a Charlotte transplant, Alison has experiencedfirst hand that the first step to living where you love, is loving where youlive! 

Prior to becoming a realtor, Alison spentseveral years working as a paralegal at a top family law firm in the NorthernVirginia area. She attributes her negotiation tactics and meticulous attentionto detail to her experience with this firm. However, Alison’s true passion andpurpose is to serve the greater community by being a trusted advisor andadvocate to her real estate clients. She believes that buying and selling realestate is more than just numbers, it’s about people.

Alison is committed to achieving herclient’s goals, no matter how ambitious or conservative they may appear, aseach accomplishment contributes to the larger vision of serving the broadercommunity. Alison conducts business with integrity, respect, and humility. Shemaintains that her passion for serving the individuals and families sheencounters as that which converts a simplereal estate transaction into alifestyle transformation.