Dustin Workman

Dustin Workman


Hello Northwest Florida and Alabama, I am Dustin Workman, REALTOR with LiveLoveHomes.

Real Estate is an ever changing and evolving business. One of the most interesting businesses in the world considering almost every person will be involved in some kind of transaction in their life. Most of the time this transaction is the largest and most complex that we personally make. This is where I come in…

As a REALTOR my job is not to sell something or convince people of things that I want them to do but they are unsure of. It is a job that makes me a facilitator of agreements between two people who are ready, willing and comfortable with the transaction. At Keller Williams we stick to the mantra “win-win or no deal.” Meaning if the deal does not benefit all involved we will walk away. Much different than the attitude of a salesperson.

Instead of coming from a place of wanting to sell you on something, my approach is to listen, learn and interact with you and your family to see where I can fit in and be of service. Whether that is helping you find a new home to make your family’s lives happen or listing your current home to market and sell.

Keller Williams believes that training and education are keys to success, as do I. We work to achieve continuous learning and growing among all our agents. Every week we are learning, sharing and communicating with one another to achieve the best results we can for our clients. This means we do not get surprised or caught unaware of market changes or changes in how technologies are being used. We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge all in hopes of providing the best possible service to our clients.

With either side of the real estate transaction I take the same approach: Listen and learn what my client wants to achieve through this transaction. Then develop a plan around what is important to my clients using all of the resources and technology provided to me by working for a leader in Real Estate development.

I can not wait to HELP you find the place you can call home.