Rania Tsopanas

Rania Tsopanas


I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. I graduated high school here and began UNCC majoring in architecture. I moved to Greece a year later and I finished my studies in an American university in Athens, Greece with a BA in Philosophy. I've been working in education for 23 years. I've always been involved in restaurants as my parents owned them through all their "working" years. It's second nature to me and I enjoy it. 

While living in Greece I worked at State University of New York in Athens and in private foreign language schools, I also worked in sales and PR for different companies throughout the years. I've always focused on interpersonal communications and relationships. I've traveled throughout Europe and have been exposed to different cultures and ways of life. 

I speak English, Greek, Spanish, and some Italian. I enjoy extreme sports, love soccer, and enjoy traveling to places I've never been.

I'm an avid sky watcher, I love natural phenomena, and believe in people's energy. God first, family next, and everything else thereafter. I'm the "go-to" person for most of my friends and family, as they say my advice is usually spot-on. I'm a well-grounded realist who can pull myself out of a situation in order to assess it and act accordingly.

I'm a single mom, single-handedly raising my kids (12&14 year old girls) since they were born , and determined to do everything in my power to help them be successful in the society they are being raised. I put others first usually, and most of the time will go out of my way to please. I'm strong, determined, and focused. Real estate is what I will be successful at, no matter how long it takes me to get there. Quitting is not an option. Most of the time I'm happy and light-hearted, but enjoy deep philosophical conversations with the right people. 

Live Love Homes is where I wanted to be before even getting my real estate license, and this is where I landed. I feel blessed and extremely lucky to have the chance to work with such a group of amazing, positive, and driven individuals.