Paying yourself first is always a good idea.  Whether you are thinking of using the money to buy new clothes, buy a new car - or toward a down payment on a house.  But what if you don't think you can save enough money fast enough?  It does take a bit of cash to buy a house.  You'll need at least 3% of the purchase price for the closing costs and depending on what type of loan you get you ALSO need 3% - 5% at least to go toward the down payment.  For some, saving this type of money doesn't take very long - but for others, it could take years.

But GOOD NEWS!  We have another option for you.  Our mortgage partner, Prime Residential, is now offering a new Down Payment Assistance Program that will give you $15,000 toward buying a house!  It can be used for closing costs or down payment or both.  This is a TEMPORARY program with no end date declared right now, but it will not last forever.  If buying a house is your dream before the New Year - then contact us today so we can explain the program in more detail and get you in touch with one of our preferred lender partners, Prime Residential.