Now that school is back in session, so are Fall sports and over-stretched routines.But, there is a stretch of the day that is an empty void.....AFTER SCHOOL!....It's like a mini-summer all over again everyday... what to do with these kids when they get home?

Something to think about is to create a routine during this void and WRITE IT DOWN.  Put it on the fridge where they can see it.  If you think about it - they are used to this type of routine at school.  At a certain time they have math class, then at a certain time they have on and so on...

I did a schedule during the summer and even snuck in a chore of the day and they actually did it because it was written down!

So, here is a sample of an After School schedule (I come home from work at 4:30)  it takes you right about the time you need to get an early dinner going or get out the door for those early evening activities!  

Enjoy - they're only young once!