Every year on November 5th, National Love Your Red Hair Day, is celebrated!  Celebrating a hair color may seem silly, but since only 2% of the population has red hair, it really is something to celebrate!  So to all of our clients, client families, team members and team families - celebrate your red head today!

Some famous Red Heads are:


Adams’s deep strawberry blond is a versatile hue that can look girl next door perky or have vixen sex appeal. Her colorist Cunningham says the look was achieved by mixing two shades of red and finishing with a clear gloss for sheen.


Hendricks's deep ginger shade is almost as famous as her gravity defying figure. "Red looks best with fair skintones," colorist Tracey Cunningham says, calling Hendricks's pairing "a perfect match."


Moore’s velvety cinnamon hue has become her signature and rarely changes, even for film roles. Colorist Marie Robinson, who works with Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway, likes this pigment for those with yellow undertones. "Just avoid shades that look or sound very orange or copper," she says. "And go to the salon in between touch-ups for a gloss refresher."


Kidman’s ethereal apricot blond requires careful handling. "Don't shampoo every day," Robinson advises. "And avoid using heated styling tools everyday, as they damage the outer layer of hair, causing it to release color molecules."


Fisher's earthy coral color has sultry hints of bronze.