Whether you're a Panthers fan, or a Bronco's fan, chances are, you'll be watching the Super Bowl Sunday.  Either for the commercials, the game itself - or to see Cam Newton dance.  IF it's to see Cam dance, we thought we'd show you a few of his moves to help prepare you so you can dance along.


We are looking forward to the game, it will be a great one whether we win with Cam at the helm, or lose to an honorable guy like Peyton Manning.  ( I went to college with Peyton at the University of Tennessee - so definitely have a ton of respect for him).

It is very exciting to be in Charlotte right now to see all the Panther Pride from the awesome pep rally they had in Romare Bearden Park in Uptown last weekend,

to even elementary school students creating their own video in support for the team!

Click Here for the video Polo Ridge Elementary Students pulled together in ONE Day!

Cheers for a great game!

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