photo (6)Where do I start? Our children spend half of their waking hours with their teachers. We trust our teachers to not only teach, but to show them a good example of what it's like to be good to each other, cheer for one another and accept everyone the way they are. Our teachers see our children in a way we rarely do because we are not there, they are. They see how our children interact with their peers, how they listen to academic instruction and how they learn. Of course, we as parents see a glimpse of this, but not in the same way our teachers do. Our teachers are the academic extension of us. They are exemplary in the way they can control a room full of children and still stay sane at the end of the day. This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. I am class parent at my son's school in Union County and we were all asked to decorate the doors of our children's classes. This is a picture of what we did. There are so many boards on Pinterest that have great ideas in case you need to do one for your school. I urge you, if you have children, to take a minute, grab something at your favorite store and drop it off to them this week in appreciate for all they do for the little ones we love. Have a great week!